July 29

Vintage Clothing Rocks!

In London there are one or two shops selling retro or vintage clothing. The trouble is that some of the merchandise touted as genuinely vintage is in fact dodgy remakes. I know this because I take the trouble to check online and also compare with my own collection of clothes from yesteryear. If you compare my genuine 1971 Brutus hipster flared jeans with cheap imitations, you can immediately see the difference. For one, you could never get your hands into the front two pockets because they were such a tight fit!
But if, like me, you like the real deal, therea��s a place you can go to, and two people to talk to, who can provide you with the 100% genuine article: a�?What Goes Around Comes Arounda�? and Gerard Maione and Seth Weisser.
Gerard Maione and Seth Weisser live and work in SoHo New York City. They are in their mid-forties, but bonded over two decades ago over their passion for rare Japanese denim and hard to find vintage pieces of clothing. In 1993 they opened What Goes Around Comes Around, a vintage luxury retail store that is trusted by all- including collectors, celebrities, and fashion lovers. It was so successful that in 2008 they opened a second store in Los Angeles.
Their range of clothing, amazingly, isna��t just 20th century. Their shop features luxury clothing and accessories from the 1880s to 1990s for men and women. We are talking here everything from Murakami-printed Vuitton suitcases and racks of white cotton prairie dresses to Chanel gold chains and hard-to-get concert tees).
The guys met at Syracuse University, realised they both had an interest in fashion and moved to NY City. Gerard was working at Ralph Lauren and getting into design. Both of the guys were trying to supplement their modest salaries by buying and selling odd items of retro clothing. Seeing that there appeared to be no formal retail outlet for such a buy and sell exchange they took the plunge. This led to road trips to exotic and far-flung places to acquire and build a museum-like collection of rare and desirable vintage clothing.
The boys recall going to the Pasadena Rose Bowl parking lot in the 1990s at 3am which became the centre ofJapanese denim culture. Some vintage Levis were fetching a cool $10k! As they have become established, they are now sought out by sellers and collectors alike. They dona��t just go for the well-known brand names, but seek out less well known but equally desirable brands. The price depends on a lot of factors including the quality of the garment, whether the washing tag is still in place and readable (I kid you not!) and of course how a�?hipa�? the thing was in its time.
I was inspired to go check my old clothes up in the loft, which included Brutus Hipsters, Lee Cooper jeans, a Ben Sherman back-pleated tartan shirt, and a Sisters of Mercy 1980a��s tour tee. These were all stored away not because I thought they would be of value some 40-50 years on, but because they no longer fitted me!

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July 28

No Gain without Pain: Waxing Lyrical

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July 27

AW14. Are You On Board Yet?

Therea��s inevitability about some aspects of the changing seasons, especially in the UK. Summer will always disappoint. Ita��s either cold and rainy or too flippina�� hot. The TV is full or repeats, tedious documentaries and films youa��ve already got on DVD. Whata��s new? But year on year, therea��s always interest in what the fashion houses will be telling us we should be wearing. Whata��s in and whata��s a sin. And do we listen or plough our own independent groove and risk being sniggered at for your poor taste and for dressing a�?so last year darling!a�?
The bottom line is that many people, myself included, like to see what is coming forward in the AW14 (thata��s Autumn/Winter 2014- please keep up!) collections. Ita��s quite fun seeing what fashion houses are coming up with- those that seem to have copied others and those that have gone out on a limb. Whether you are going to slavishly succumb to fashion dictates, or be loud and proud and choose only what you think you should wear, you cana��t ignore AW14. Herea��s a couple of hot items wea��ve discovered so far-so quick check your collection and make sure you have at least something trendy for Christmas!
Breathe a sigh of relief if you have legs thicker than matchsticks, because it looks like skinny jeans are our- at least for a couple of seasons. AW14 sees the return of a loose fit legwear that verges on, wait for it people, oversized! Yay! We are seeing oversized skate-inspired trousersand large printed sweaters. The word is chunky, I think. A relative newcomer to the fashion is Mark McNairy New Amsterdam, an extremely wearable collection of clothes. But what caught my eye (and will probably catch my wallet) is the mana��s heavy-duty oversized grey trousers, midcalf in length with Victorian inspired button fly, worn with a greatcoat in matching colour and material, giving an overall fresh interpretation of heritage references.Yes, greatcoats are back in!
And thata��s not all, turtle necks are back! It was a must-have for the late fifties early sixties a�?beatniksa�?- think Jack Kerouac and Alan Ginsberg not to mention the Beatles. Dior Hommea��s formal monochrome look is brought to life with a subtly striped rollneck. And check out Dries Van Notena��s bomber jacket and rollneck combo. I kid you not the turtle neck/rollneck is back bigtime.
I recall that back in the day I had a mauve turtle neck that rubbed my neck to distraction- I think it was some kind of unnatural Crimplene/Acrylic material that gave you static shocks and irritated the skin. It was also used on occasions to hide a hickey (!) But times they have a changed and the quality of the rollnecks now being sported on the runways is second-to-none. In just a few months, youa��ll see these garments on the red carpets. They go great with a denim jacket or even a tuxedo. Best to go for single colour garments- if you want flashy outer wear then get a jumper. Turtle necks are and should always be one-colour only!

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July 26

Serpentine Summer Social Shows Stunning Style!

With no apologies for that alliteration in the title last month saw some simply stunning fashion set-pieces at the annual Serpentine Summer Party- a perennial staple on the London social calendar and the perfect opportunity for the capitala��s style set and fashionistas to show us all how we should be dressing in this last part of Summer. In case your geography and history is not up to scratch, the Serpentine (also known as the Serpentine River) is a 40 acres recreational lake in Hyde Park, London, England, created in 1730 at the behest of Queen Caroline.
Once a year it hosts the Serpentine Summer Party where in a beautiful setting you can expect to find free-flowing Eclipse watermelon martinis from the five pop-up bars, champagne and asparagus risotto, and mini Pimma��s puddings! Were you on the guest list? There was music too; Pharrell Williams did a mini set which got the crowd going- and the attendees included Keira Knightley, Suki Waterhouse, Bradley Cooper, and a Royal-Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie no less. This yeara��s show was co-hosted by Marina Abramovic, AndrA� Balazs, Brendan Mullane, Hans Ulrich Obrist, Julia Peyton-Jones and FranA�ois-Henri Pinault. So what were the beautiful people wearing?
British brands seemed a firm favourite among the nighta��s most glamorous guests which is good for an event in central London. Cara Delevingne wore a floor-length Mulberry; Suki Waterhouse arrived on the arm of Bradley Cooper in a pale pink Burberry dress and Alexa Chung chose her LBD from Erdema��s autumn/winter 2014 collection. She matched this with an interesting choice of pointy flats on the red carpet. Some would say that that is the true statement of a premier pro party girl whoa��s definitely out to have a good time. Awesome!
Pharrell Williams, James Righton and the Pirate Elf, Orlando Bloom all wore Brioni- unsurprising seeing as they were the eventa��s first ever menswear sponsor.
Naomi Campbell looked red hot in a Givenchy sequin mini dress and rose gold heels. Add to this the well-known Campbell beauty tricks and techniques of smokey eyes, tousled hair and soft inviting red lips and her look was trademark topping!
However informed opinion was that it was the two Royals who stole the show. Princess Beatrice sported a sweeping organza 50a��s dress, complete with leather flowers by Nicholas Oakwell. Eugenie opted for a pale blue sleeveless dress, tastefully accessorized with a studded clutch bag and strappy lilac heels. Her pale skin tone was somewhat startling set off against a pretty vibrant shade of red lipstick.
It has to be reported that Bradley Cooper and Suki Waterhouse look smitten as they arrived at the Serpentine- obviously no damage done when Bradley partied at Glastonbury without Suki! And shock of shocks, when we looked closer at her print platform heels, they turned out to be TopShop! They were the totally tropical palm print a�?Lohaa�� platforms a great buy at less than A?70. So even for an event as prestigious as the Serpentine Summer Bash, you dona��t have to get a re-mortgage to dress well and turn heads!

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July 25

Is Our Climate Affecting Redheads?

When it comes to weather reports they dona��t tend to be specific to hair colour, but there has been recent research that suggests the ginger gene could be dying out and ita��s all because of climate change. Red hair has become very popular over recent years and ita��s largely down to the likes of Jessica Chastain, Christina Hendricks and Julianne Moore. It isna��t too often that just a few people can turn something that usually has had a lot of stigma attached to it and make it into a sexy and sought after look. Now even non-redheads are after a bit of the gingera��s limelight, after the likes of Rachel McAdams and Blake Lively have dyed their hair various shades of red. So why is the ginger gene so sought after at the minute and why is it in danger of dying out? Well we might first have to look at the biology behind it all. Interestingly enough the ginger gene is said to exist as a response to cloudy weather, thata��s why our Scottish friends are more likely to be ginger (with 13 percent of their population having red hair compared to just one or two percent globally). The gene is thought to have evolved because of a lack of sunlight and vitamin D in the likes of Scotland, Ireland and the north of England thousands of years ago. Ita��s fair to say that the sun is sparse on a lot of occasions in Scotland and that is reportedly why there are over 5 times the number of redheads in these locations than the rest of the world. So Scottish weather is to blame for it the ginger gene, but the gene may have its days numbered because of the climate becoming warmer and clearer days becoming all the more likely. Geneticists are now theorizing that we might begin to see the number of redheads fall because of global warming. The results of global warming are higher temperatures and more sun, therefore if the theory about why red hair exists is true then there is the potential for global warming to lower their numbers. There has been a lot made of the initial news that the redhead gene would die out and it was actually suggested in the news as early as 2007. But what we do know about the redhead gene is that it is recessive, in that it might skip a few generations before resurfacing later on. Therefore even if you and your partner dona��t have red hair but you both are carrying the gene, there could be the potential for your children or grandchildren to be ginger. This means that regardless of climate change the gene will still exists, it might decrease quite considerably in its frequency and the warmer climate may play a role in this. The potential fall of redheads might make them even more sought after although it has been reported that their dwindling numbers is making the sales of red hair related products fall and this isna��t going down to well with hair care manufacturers.

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July 25

Experience The Best Ayurvedic Massage In Chennai

Traditional Ayurvedic treatments are nurtured in the city of Chennai, which is known as a vibrant coastal city located at the Southern portion of the country. If you are looking for benefits of Ayurveda based medications, you cannot certainly ignore traditional Indian massaging. Massaging has been considered as integral part of Ayurveda, as it comes with the power to heal certain diseases and enhance our overall immunity level. To get the best experience with body massaging, one needs to find the best Body to Body Massage Centre in Chennai. Professional masseurs offer authentic Ayurvedic massaging session to clients, applying various essential oils.
Different forms of massaging techniques are there, and different types of massaging forms can also be noted. Each massage form targets healing certain potion of the body. For example, neck massaging heals neck paining or spinal cord paining. Joint pains, as well as muscle pains, can be completely healed with regular body massaging. Choice of essential oil is also a big factor in body massaging. To experience the authentic form of Ayurvedic massaging, you need to find the best Body Massage to Body Centre in Chennai. So, get ready for complete body and mind rejuvenation through a steamy and relaxing session of Ayurvedic body massage.

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July 13

Revive Yourself With Touch Of Heaven In Massage Centre In Pondicherry

In the fast pace of modern life, you badly need sometimes, to relax yourself and revitalize your whole body and mind, so that you can restore and regain your spirit for your upcoming struggle for life. You can only meet your requirements in a proper ayurvedic massage unit, where you will receive a comprehensive body massage therapy with herbal aromatic oils and scrubs and will have your entire body and spiritrejuvenated. While you are in Pondicherry, you can enjoy complete satisfaction of state-of- the-art massage service from ayurvedic massage centre in Pondicherry.
Variety of services are available that can blow your mind
You are offered multiple massage variants in the massage units in Pondicherry. You are to choose the most effective one for you from them. There are the experts who will suggest you the right massage option for your reanimation and also that suits your budget. You can opt any from the therapies as following:
Abhayangam massage
It is a massage with oil that contains an effective ayurvedic medicine Abhyanga, which is absolutely magical in diminishing vat and kapha and removing all stresses.
Aphoza Mizra
It applies camphor aroma oil with medicinal herbs, which is a great mixture of western technic and ayurvedic therapy that results excellent relief from stress and rejuvenation.
It uses aromatic oils with excellent fragrance extracted from flowers and herbs that relieves you from joints pains and revives you with a heavenly touch.
There are other therapies like hot stone massage, Thai massage, deep tissue massage etc. as well, which are extremely beneficial too.
Therefore, visit a massage centre in Pondicherry and rekindle yourself. It is sure to add colours in the monotony of your life.

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